Unexpected Orlando

Unexpected Orlando

Mention the name “Orlando, Florida” and most will immediately think of Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando, Sea World or any of the other major theme parks the city is famous for. Not so well known are such sights as Airboat rides, EcoSafaries, Fort Christmas Historical Park, The Morse Museum of American Art, the Downtown Skyline Tour or the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour to name just a few of the unexpected delights Orlando has to offer! These lesser-known attractions complement the areas theme parks and round out the destination experience. Further, they appeal to both repeat visitors as well as visitors staying for a longer time. Like a pearl hidden beneath the Oyster’s shell, Orlando’s historic, cultural and natural offerings are gems just waiting for you to discover them! We encourage you to open the Oyster shell and discover the pearls that make up Unexpected Orlando! You will be glad you did!

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