Travel N Relax – The Ultimate Travel Advisor

Travel N Relax – The Ultimate Travel Advisor

When I am out and about, I often obtain surprised looks from people when I respond to ones question of “What do you Do” with the answer that I am a Travel Advisor. Sometimes people are so shocked, that they will follow their “look” with a stunned statement such as “Are those still around” or other such comments. Some have even expressed their thought that my industry is extinct! (For those interested in that rebuttal, you are invited to view an earlier blog post I did in February 2012 – with a similar name as this post – which you can find here.  ) While it is true that that the traditional travel agent (which you may vaguely remember from your grandmother’s time) is becoming more difficult to find, those who take the model of being a true travel advisor and offer you real value are not only still around but are thriving. Of these two models, Travel N Relax has always opted to take the Advisor role to engage with our Guests,  and through meaningful conversation build a relationship that will allow us to best service YOUR needs vs. just selling a commoditized travel product that you can buy from any retailer or website. For this reason when you look at our website (which you can view here) you will not find another online website “Booking Engine” or any other ways to “Book” travel online. Likewise, our social media homes on Facebook and Twitter do not blast out endless travel deals like many other places do.  Truthfully we just don’t sell travel! We let the many other websites and retailers that are into transactional sales do that! Our role is to help you sort through the approximately 3,330,000,000 results that a Google search for “Book Travel” will pull up for you, and to help you make an intelligent booking decision (on the travel products and services your interested in) that will be best suited for who you are as an individual – thus our slogan that we create value packed personalized travel stories and experiences where YOU are the star! To do this requires a relationship with the Guest, not just a series of quick transactions with an unknown entity. For many, this concept is a radical shift from their perceptions of who they think we are and what they think we do.  Travel N Relax is not a Travel Agency. We are a Travel Advisor.  As this concept can be difficult to understand, future posts will expounded upon this.

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