Travel Mistakes Smart People Make Part I

Travel Mistakes Smart People Make Part I

Travel Mistakes for Smart People

Most of us recognize that supergenius who puts us to shame. Wicked smart. Speedy thinking. Super resourceful. Very well travelled.

But when she or he volunteers to take care of sections of their family holiday by themselves, they end up telling us about the travel horror stories of what took place.

Here are a few of the most frequent travel mistakes we have seen clever men and women create when they do not use a travel professional:


Travel Mistakes Smart People Make Part I

Travel Mistakes Smart People Make Part I

Even though there can be the chance cancellation (and sometimes, fantastic savings) the common scenario is that the customer winds up overpaying for lodging (only the top suite is available) and taking harsh connecting flights (how about a 5 1/2 hour connection at JFK or LAX) or even worse, sitting in the back row seat in basic economy for an 8 hour flight?!

One month before your vacation isn’t a opportunity to begin making travel arrangements.


We have all seen the customer who got swept up in looking for the lowest price for their area. In the long run, they could save $21 a night, however they’ve spent 4 evenings and 8 hours of their time doing this.

That time vs dollar equation is just plain stupid. Don’t do it!


While its cheaper to take a cab from the airport to your resort than just have a driver meet you personally, the cost you could pay in annoyance is simply not worthwhile (and will more then double the fare). The ripoffs are available in all types: The broken meter, the longer path the driver takes which doubles the distance and time, the speech barrier leading you to the incorrect resort or the incorrect side of the city. The scams are many and come in all types.

With Uber and Lyft… the main challenge is IF.. these services will be available in the city you just landed in. If not then you are stuck looking for alternate ways to get to your destination. For some the drivers knowledge of the city and personal safety can also be a concern. Having a driver meet you will save you both time and cost.


With each the aforementioned experiences you’d think a wise traveler would alter his or her ways. Not automatically. Time will dull the memories and we have seen people again and again make the very same mistakes.

For true “hassle-free” travel one is best to use a professional travel consultant who can save you time and provide you with the best travel values!

At Travel N Relax our goal is to always exceed your travel and vacation needs. As the best travel agency in Colorado Travel N Relax stands ready to assist you when you desire problem free travel.

When you are ready to plan your “Mistake Free” trip Travel N Relax is ready to help you! Give us a call at 303.317.6945 or e-mail us to plan your problem free travel!

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