The Perks of a Working Vacation

Posted on February 15, 2021 by Rob Hale

Have you ever heard of a working vacation? It’s exactly as the name implies: it’s a vacation you take, but you continue to work while you’re there.

We’re sure the first thought you had when reading that is, “Why would I want to work on my vacation. Isn’t the point of a vacation to not work and to get away from it all?” Traditionally, yes. The idea of a vacation was to take some time away from work to recharge your batteries and avoid slinking into a slump and rotting away in a rut at your job. While we love helping people plan vacations, getaways, honeymoons, and any other form of travel, we do want to talk about the unique benefits a working vacation offers.

You can save your vacation days

If you’re at a job that employs rollover vacation days, you can head out on your next adventure without cashing in those vacation days immediately. This gives you an opportunity to take a longer vacation next year without needing to skip one this year. Not a bad deal, huh?

You can increase your budget

If you don’t have as much paid time off as you want/need, but still want to take a vacation, working while you’re on vacation means you don’t lose an income stream. Therefore, you don’t need to go in too frugally; you can upgrade your travel or accommodations to make the stay a bit more relaxing and enjoyable.

You can be more flexible with timing

Since you don’t need to coordinate with your superiors or colleagues regarding when a good time to go on vacation, you can choose to go where you want, when you want. You’ll be working anyways, and with the current state of social distancing, there’s no better time to hop on a plane and work somewhere beautiful to get out of the home office.

You can stay longer

As we mentioned, you won’t be dipping into your vacation days (or all of them, it’s not a bad idea to take a 3-day weekend or two), you can work remotely for longer and really enjoy yourself. Ever have that feeling where you wished you had just a little more time where you were before having to head back to the slog and grind of work? By taking your work with you on vacation, you can get your wish and stay, just a little bit longer.

You can learn more about the culture of your destination

With all of that extra time you get by working while away, you can really learn what it’s like to be a local, not just a passing tourist, in your destination of choice. You can set up routines and experience life through a different lens, giving you new perspectives and insights into the world, people, and culture overall. It’s a rewarding experience like no other.

Curious about booking an extended vacation where you’ll be working? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss details and help you find the destination, travel, and accommodations to make an unforgettable trip.

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