The New Travel Reality – Travelling to Accumulate Life Experiences

The New Travel Reality – Travelling to Accumulate Life Experiences

I recently read in an advertising column of The New York Times that “millions of wealthy consumers have decided to play down the job of accumulating things in favor of the pleasure of accumulating experiences.”  Namely the concept of accumulating life experiences. This might explain why, over the past several years, leisure travel has seen a surge of interest by consumers seeking experiences that provide memories for a lifetime. Vacationers today are not just looking for escapism from their daily routines. Instead, they are seeking to enrich themselves. From kayaking, mountain biking and yoga, to participating in archeological digs or learning new skills, vacationers today often want to give back,  immerse themselves in rich cultural interactions and learn how people on the other side of our globe live their lives.  In all cases, the descriptor for this kind of vacation is “experiential.” At Travel N Relax our belief has always been to connect world cultures through this type of an experiential vacation. Therefore, we have been encouraged to watch these trends take place as travelers take a new, deeper, appreciation to the world around them. Whether your desire is to volunteer your time and skills, learn new skills, or to experience a destination through a wellness activity, as your Denver travel agency Travel N Relax has the connections to make your next experiential vacation a reality. We encourage you to explore the world as you wish to explore it.  Let us know if we can help you.

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