The Marriott Bonvoy Bracelet – What Is It and Is It Worth Having

Posted on October 28, 2019 by Rob Hale

Recently a business trip to Washington D.C. took us to the Gaylord National Resort – a Marriott brand hotel. While the resort in itself was exceptional, and probably worth a future blog of it’s own, what really stood out to me was the new Marriott Bonvoy Bracelet.

If you are not aware of, or have not heard of this bracelet, not to fear. Marriott’s own Vice President of Global Sales (who spoke to us at the convention) confessed that she had been unaware of this bracelet as well until she checked into the resort!

As it turns out the Gaylord National is the test site for this new bracelet and elite Marriott guests were picked to be the sample group to test out this new technology. Upon check in, I discovered that my wife and I had been selected to test out the bracelet.

So what is this bracelet and was it worth having?

I have to admit that at check in I was more than a bit skeptical.

You see I am old school person and remember back to the day when you simply had an old fashioned room key to access your room. If you took the key with you, you would simply drop it in any mailbox and the hard plastic hotel attachment (listing the hotel, its address and your room number) would guarantee the keys delivery back to the hotel at no cost to you.

Therefore, as you can see, moving to the standard key card of today was quite the technological and security advancement!

So enter now the all new Marriott Bonvoy Bracelet!

Now before you close your mind and develop preconceived and inaccurate ideas as to what this bracelet might be, let me assure you that this bracelet is not the same as the cheap plastic bracelets you might be familiar with from all-inclusive resorts.

Rather this bracelet is a high tech wonder that you can easily slip on and off whenever you wish and provides you with a wealth of hotel benefits.

Instead of pulling out your card key in the elevator to put up against the security pad to access your room floor, with this little wonder you just step into the elevator, wave your arm, and poof… your set to go!

Upon arrival outside your room again, put away the old fashioned key card, and just wave your arm and poof the door is unlocked for you!

Want a drink at the bar, food at the cafe or another hotel amenity?

With a wave of your arm as long as you have this wristband on any wish is yours to command! Truly with this little band on I felt like I had a magic genie by my side at all times as the resort opened up to me in ways I have never experienced in a hotel before!

Be assured though this band is highly secure as your room number is not listed on it, nor can it locate your room for you. The flexible band material makes it easy to put on and take off whenever you wish. Yet at the same time, it is tight enough so it cannot just easily slide off your arm with you unaware.

So is this wristband worth having?

After five days of testing this I would have to state a resounding …Yes!

The benefits it provided, along with doing away with the awkwardness of having to fumble to get a key card every time you need it, made this band a highly valuable amenity.

Indeed, upon checkout my skepticism had completely disappeared and this little band had truly become a…Must Have… travel item!

Hopefully the test run of this product at the Gaylord will continue to go well and the rest of the Marriott properties will roll out this new band as a standard amenity. If the functionality we tested remain, you will truly love this item and always look back at the current key card as the truly antiquated item that it now is.

We give two thumbs up for the Marriott Bonvoy Bracelet!

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