The Benefits of a Destination Wedding

If you’re currently planning your wedding for the future, you should absolutely keep a destination wedding in mind as a viable option. Depending on your families’ dynamics, how small or large of a wedding you want, and a few other factors, a destination wedding could solve most, if not all, of the issues you’re running into and make for an unforgettable event (not that you’d forget your wedding anyways).

First and foremost, when planned properly, a destination wedding can save you thousands overall. Rather than renting a venue, hiring a caterer, florist, honeymoon, and everything else that goes into planning a wedding, you can contact a resort at the destination of your choosing and have the wedding and honeymoon all in the same spot, no additional travel necessary. As a bonus, you can have your closest friends and family with you to make the event into a vacation celebration for longer than you’d be able to in the traditional separate venue and honeymoon location strategy.

Maybe instead of wanting a big wedding with too many people, you want to keep it intimate with only your closest friends and family. One big reason that couples opt for smaller destination weddings is to avoid any potential family blowouts that sometimes happen at weddings. Even if it isn’t a blowout, the families of the spouses may not see eye to eye on all decisions of a wedding, such as location and guest list. Having a scaled back destination wedding puts all the power and control back into the hands of the couple and keeps any soon to be in-laws from making too big of a fuss.

Since you won’t need to worry about what any parents or family members have to say about location and production, you can focus on the few remaining details of your wedding. Plenty of resorts offer in-house wedding planners, coordinators, caterers, and more all wrapped up neatly in a variety of packages to fit your budget. Not only that, wedding planners at the destination understand what makes the area and subsequent weddings special, so they’ll oversee and spearhead all of the creative and clerical direction to ensure your special day is magical and joyous. When you work with a coordinator at a destination wedding resort, you can choose to be involved every step of the way, or leave it to the professional so you can get in some extra rest and relaxation time.

The last part of a destination wedding that instills a bit of fear in couples is our specialty: travel. Our knowledgeable team at our Denver travel agency understands your needs and takes all of the worry and guesswork out of booking travel for your destination wedding. We work diligently to find the best rates and simplest experiences to get you and your loved ones to the resort for the big day. We also assist booking the rooms and blocking them off so your wedding party can be near each other at the same resort without needing to find their own lodging, or needing to call cabs and Ubers to get them where they need to be.

Weddings are supposed to be fun filled, loving, and wondrous occasions, but more often than not, couples fall into pits of despair and stress when trying to plan their big day to make sure everyone else is happy, forgetting that it’s truly about their love and commitment. Destination weddings can simplify the process, reduce costs overall while still enjoying lavish amenities and experiences, and afford you the opportunity to see the world with those closest to you. If you have any questions about booking a destination wedding and the travel logistics associated with it, call or contact our Denver travel angry office today to speak with an expert Denver travel agent to go over the details of your big day and begin the process of booking your destination wedding and honeymoon.