The European Travel Ban

Tensions are high and rising ever higher and Colorado travel agencies, particularly our Denver vacation planning and travel agency, are checking the news every day to see if there are any updates regarding international travel to Europe and what it means for Americans. The travel industry has already been in relative shambles due to the outbreak of COVID-19 as we’ve previously reported, but this travel ban could strike a particular blow to couples looking to enjoy a honeymoon vacation or a quick getaway to Europe. The travel ban against Americans was announced on June 29th and went into effect on July 1st.

For those with family who live in the European counties, this poses an extra layer of strain and confusion as many will no longer be able to visit relatives until the travel ban is lifted. On the flip side, those with citizenship, or passports based in other countries, may be able to come and go freely as they are returning home. For all others, they will be denied entry into any member nation of the EU.

Joining the US on the list of no entry are India, Russia, and Brazil. What is the basis for this blockage of travel? The EU argues that these countries have not done enough to stop the spread of COVID-19 and that travelers pose excessive and egregious risk to peoples of the EU nations; the leaders state that they fear a second wave will spread, especially if tourists from the aforementioned countries are allowed in.

The potential good news out of this situation is that the list will be updated every two weeks and if any so choose, countries can allow visitors from these barred nations in, but at their own risk. Were US coronavirus cases to go down over the coming weeks, it is likely that the EU leaders would readmit American travelers abroad. As of July 1st, over 2.6 million cases have been confirmed in the US and new hot spots are appearing across the map.

For those looking forward to a trip overseas to one of the many popular destinations, such as London, Paris, and Rome, this ban may come as a shock and/or inconvenience, if not outright annoyance. There are still other attractive vacation spots and tourism hot spots available to US travelers and we’d be happy to go over such a list. Beach vacations are still available and we can help you plan the perfect honeymoon, or weekend getaway, devoid of crowd interactions so that you can practice safe social distancing while still enjoying your time off. Airline prices are beginning to creep up, so now may be a good time to lock in a low rate to save yourself some extra money; call our Denver travel agency office today to learn more about our featured getaways.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues and the EU takes aggressive measures against American travelers, we will be paying close attention as the situation unfolds and will have regular updates about a continuation of the restriction, or an alleviation of it.

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The Best Vacations Post-Quarantine

We know you’re tired of reading news about COVID-19, sheltering in place, social distancing, and everything else that goes with it. While it’s obviously in the best interest of people across the US and the globe, many people are bitter about needing to cancel their vacations and trips to celebrate honeymoons, anniversaries, or just an excuse to get away for a bit. Travel restrictions won’t exist forever and even now, cities across the world are beginning their reopening strategies to work towards a return to normalcy. Some restaurants and shops are open and soon, things will be like they were before COVID-19 hit.

When the reopening is in full swing, you’ll likely want to capitalize on the vacation you had to defer – and we understand that. We want to help you plan the perfect getaway for every occasion. Once restrictions are lifted, however, doesn’t necessarily mean the virus will be completely gone and some people may want to continue to the social distance to avoid possibly contracting the virus. The good news is there are a few vacations and destinations to choose from to get away from the stresses of everyday life without being thrust into densely populated areas, shopping centers, and crowds.

Tropical getaway

Picture yourself on the beaches with no one else around, soaking up the sun as the waves lap at the shore mere feet away from you, or meters if you’re outside of the US. There are plenty of resorts that have private bungalows to stay in that keep you far away from other guests, or residents of the town/island so that you can escape and have isolated peace and quiet. If you’re a fan of beaches, snorkeling, grilled foods, tropical drinks, and fun in the hot sun, consider booking a tropical getaway. We’ll be happy to help you pick the right destination for your budget and timeframe.

Mountain resorts

Do you love to ski and snowboard, or do you just enjoy being in a frozen wonderland where you can bundle up and get cozy in front of a roaring fireplace? You should consider a mountain getaway. There are plenty of hiking, climbing, and outdoor adventure opportunities in the colder climates where populations are limited and other guests don’t often go. If you love the cold, snow, cozy inns and cottages, and slow cooked comfort food, you should choose a mountain and chilly getaway for your next vacation.

Countryside cottage

Do you just want peace and quiet in a little village where you can forget about the business of day to day life? Book a trip the the countryside; Europe has plenty of small little towns where you can cozy up and rest to get away from it all. Take in local sights, scenery, cuisine, and more without feeling crowded, or claustrophobic. No need to worry about social distancing when there aren’t enough people to make it a concern!

We hope these three destinations have inspired you to think about your next vacation and have helped you envision yourself there. We’re happy to help go over the benefits of each location, what you can expect when you get there, and how to keep yourself and others safe while on your trip as the world recovers from the pandemic. Contact our offices today to learn more about our vacation package offers and how we can make your next dream vacation a reality.

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What Happens When the Travel Ban is Lifted?

Are you tired of Tik Toks, Instagram music covers, This or That questions in people’s stories, and searching for another sourdough recipe? We’ll safely assume, yes, you are. You’re probably dreaming of the day when we can return to normal and get on with the lives we had planned before COVID-19. If you’re following our coverage, you’re more than likely dreaming of a vacation.

Was your annual trip, weekend getaway, honeymoon, or anniversary ruined by the virus? You’re in a welcomed company as the travel industry ground to a halt seemingly overnight. Some politicians are calling to re-open the country immediately. Some medical experts say that’s an unwise decision until we understand the virus and how to treat, cure, and/or prevent it better.

Regardless of your political ideology, you most likely aren’t traveling much right now. But it won’t be this way forever. We all have the future to look forward to when we can take those trips we had planned, or maybe have planned in the coming months. But, what is the travel industry going to look like right when the shelter-in-place orders are lifted?

For one, things are going to be hectic, and airfare is likely going to skyrocket. People are going to rush to their laptops, phones, and Denver travel agents to try and get something on the books, meaning demand is going to go way up, and supply is going to drop. You can either book now while fares are low, but run the risk of shelter-in-place being extended, or wait it out and try to beat the rush.

The destinations are where you should focus your caution, not because any places are more likely to have lingering cases of COVID-19, but that everywhere will have a concentration of people again, likely some who are carriers of the virus, and we may see a second spike and wave of infections. It may be wise to wait things out a bit once the lockdown orders are lifted, just to be safe.

Plenty of people are protesting shelter-in-place and ironically contracting the virus, but it’s a glimpse into what may come when we’re allowed to travel as we once were. Things are strange, and a little caution goes a long way. Contact us for more information about Denver travel agents, upcoming travel plans, and our recommendations for travel during these strange times.