Sleeping with Ghosts at Disneyland

Sleeping with Ghosts at Disneyland

Since the first Disney Haunted Mansion opened at Disneyland in August of 1969, Disney Haunted Mansion attractions at Disney theme parks around the globe have always proclaimed that they are the home to 999 happy haunts, with room for 1 more. In each attraction the question is posed if there are any volunteers to become the mansions next resident. Adding to this theme, upon exiting the ride, Madame Leotas daughter, Little Leota, stands in her ghostly image telling guests to hurry back and to bring their death certificates. (Madame Leota as you might recall is the psychic whose head is trapped inside a crystal ball and who summons spirits to join the Haunted Mansion.) Now, just in time for the 40th Anniversary of the Disneyland Haunted mansion, the OC Register reports that as part of the rides 40th anniversary four brave souls will be able to Spend The Night Inside The Disneyland Haunted Mansion and experience ghostly events all night long! Working with the LA based classic rock radio station, KLOS 95.5, Disney will set up the 4 beds Aug. 9 (the rides 40th birthday) inside the mansions famous stretching room where The Ghost Host hung himself from the rafters and may still be seen in his decayed form hanging today. As this chamber has no windows, and no doors, it offers guest this chilling challenge: to find a way out! As the night hours of Aug 9th tick on in the dark gloomy chamber, the 4 lucky(?) guests may be seriously seeking a quick way out, as many of the 999 happy haunts who presently reside in the mansion may well visit them to offer a happy welcome! Indeed, Disney Spokeswoman Michele Himmelberg warns The Haunted Mansion is 40 years old and, like any building its age, it may be full of creaks and other eerie noises throughout the night. The guests may also be visited by the occupants of the Haunted Mansion. For those of us not spending the night inside the mansion there is no need to despair. A live feed will be broadcast from inside the mansion that night on from midnight to 6 a.m. PST. Then, on the morning of August 10th the world will await to learn what the new resident count for the mansion is. Hopefully for the 4 who have slept inside and learned the eerie secrets of the house, the count will remain at 999 and will not have increased to 1003! Travel N Relax will keep you posted as to what happens as this all plays out here on our Travel N Relax Facebook Page. Be sure to keep track. This event is sure to be a swinging wake not to be missed!

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