Sit Down … You’re an Idiot

Sit Down … You’re an Idiot

Aurora Travel Agency - Travel N Relax   In the category of bizarre travel news stories of the day, an article crossed our desk today telling of a recent Air India flight from London to Mumbai that was accommodating a small group tour. A female passenger headed towards her celebration vacation was five hours into the flight when she decided she would like to watch a nice movie on the inflight entertainment unit. She adjusted various switches and buttons but discovered that the unit was malfunctioning and offered no response other than a screen that kept going blank. To her surprise, the next thing she knew a message popped up reading: “The selection is not currently available. Please try again.” It then continued at the bottom of the screen : “Lie low…Sit down you idiot!” As you might expect the passenger complained to the cabin crew who apologized and, while uncertain of what happened, are suspecting it was an English subtitle of a Hindi movie that froze on the screen when the server went offline. The airline also noted it could be the work of a disgruntled employee. The matter has been taken up with concerned authorities for rectification. Either way we are curious how you would respond if you were on a group vacation (or on individual travel) and a similar message popped up in front of you? Would such a message allow you to “Travel N Relax?” We’ll be interested to see your comments below!

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