Secret Hidden Hotel Fees You Need to Be Aware of

Secret Hidden Hotel Fees You Need to Be Aware of

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  Following the lead of major airlines, hotels are now the newest travel entity to begin charging guests add on fees to their hotel visits. These fees can range anywhere from a few bucks to $50 or more. Unaware travelers often won’t know about these fees until they have booked the room or, in some cases, until the hotel bill is presented to them. In many cases the hotel is counting on the guest not to pay attention to the hotel folio and be unaware that additional fees have been added onto the bill. As such, it is critical for the cost conscious consumer to not only be aware of the fees that might be added but to also ask if fees might apply for any “Add ons” and to examine their bill carefully before leaving the property. Some of the major new fees you need to be aware of are … THE SECRET FEES Early Check- in – Check in before the preset check in time and you might incur as much as an $80 charge. Late Check-out – Ask for a late check out and you might incur as much as an $80 charge. Cancellation fees – While these have always existed, the time to cancel without penalty has often been extended out to 48 – 72 hours prior to arrival. Additional Person Fee – Most Hotels base their rates on 2 adults and allow kids to travel for free. However, some will charge up to $30 for a 3rd or 4th person in the room. Minibar Restocking Fee – Enjoy an item from the minibar and you may enjoy a restocking fee of $7 or more per item Automatic Gratuities – In some cases the hotel may charge as much as $50 to cover housekeeping and bellman gratuities and up to 20% for room service or spa services. You may want to ask if these fees are in place before you tip anyone. Gym Fees – Want to work out while you’re on the road? While you’re pumping iron the hotel may be pumping up their bills by adding up to $40 a day for use of the fitness facility. Baggage Holding Fees – Want to store your luggage while you wait for your room or your departure flight? The hotel will be happy to accommodate you for a few extra bucks per bag. These fees are in addition to the standard fees that have always applied such as parking, Resort, Internet and pet fees. HOW TO AVOID THE FEES The good news is that not all hotels charge all of these fees – or in some cases any fees at all. Our role as your travel consultant is to sort through all of the hotels to find you the absolute best value and find you the perfect hotel that meets your wishes and needs … and your travel budget!

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