1. Cuisine street

Guests can enjoy spicy soup tom yum in many sidewalk stalls. Salespeople agile processing, use fresh lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal root to make a sauce for spicy but tasty dishes. A street food other equally attractive is the fried rice with crab and fresh yellow peppers.

To the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok, you can find a wealth of delicious dishes. Rice vermicelli eg fish curry with green park in front Prik Yuak. Blogger who writes about food Wongpanit Sirin said: “Individuals and self-employed members have big size, had no bones, curry is not too hot but delicious taste and season with fish sauce and palm sugar . They use herbs especially horapa (Thai basil), and green beans to make the dish more crisp, delicious. ”

2. The most beautiful lake in the world

In the city of Udon Thani, Sen lake (Red Lotus Lake) are blossoming lotus hundreds guns ruddy reddish pigment. Flowers blooming season here lasts from November to February next year. This lake has a length of 15 km, 5 km wide popular with both foreign tourists thanks to its natural beauty. The guides often take visitors sightseeing tour by boat around the lake.

3. Island tourism Opportunities

Countless beautiful islands in Thailand will give you more options, but also to consider carefully because where service, where not. There are hundreds of islands that tourists can not stay overnight, but still get to explore by walking along the local fishermen on their long-tail boat. Thailand do not forget to come to Bamboo Island, located in Koh Phi Phi archipelago is home to many beautiful beaches bewitching.

4. Unique Water Festival

Songkran is a festival marking the end of the dry season – April is the hottest time in Thailand – and the annual rainy season starts. Locals and visitors will drop the effort involved Songkran water throwing up several people. In this festival, tourists are the most enthusiastic members. Tom Vater, an expert of tourist sites in Bangkok Telegraph said: “Songkran new year festival’s or Thailand’s event the most important community of the country. Today, the water throwing is the most exciting carnival “.

5. Shopping heaven

Bangkok is a haven of whatever shopper in the world. With numerous commercial centers, this city has a lot of large and small markets or neighborhood sale of all types of items. In addition to the existing map, capital of Thailand is home to many skilled tailors to meet the needs of the more discerning traveler.

6. The most beautiful gardens in Southeast Asia

Suan Nong Nooch, Pattaya, is the most beautiful botanical gardens in Southeast Asia. It’s like the fairy world with numerous species of trees, flowers bloom, the beautiful house, the orchard and the park to organize cultural programs Thailand. It attracted more than 2,000 visitors each day to visit. Most prominent in Suan Nong Nooch side is huge collection of palm trees and orchids.

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