Popular Trends in Luxury Travel

Posted on October 28, 2019 by Rob Hale

When looking at upscale travel, it is important for a luxury travel agency to do constant analysis on the trends occurring in the luxury travel market. Such analysis allows a luxury travel agent to better service these luxury travel clients. This also allows the luxury travel agent to offer an experience that will truly exceed the client’s expectations.

In addition to the experiential travel these clients seek, there are some unique areas that are currently growing in popularity among wealthy travelers. Among these, wellness travel is one area which this market is willing to spend more time and financial resources on. When a luxury travel agent meets their client’s needs in the area of wellness travel, the client will have one of their luxury needs met in a special way.

The astute luxury travel agent will recognize that wellness travel varies tremendously and has many definitions. Among these are various forms of dietary and nutritional adventures; active trips; religious connections or indulgent spa vacations.

Adventure travel is another area that luxury travel agencies may wish to tap into. In this niche, a luxury travel agent can help inspirational clients experience active trips filled with daredevil activities and unique un-explored destinations.

The luxury travel agent realizes that today’s upscale traveler often does not just want a private guided tour. Instead, they desire that the luxury travel agency arrange for them exciting experiences whether that be on foot, on bicycles, in ocean kayaks or in a private plane. Adventure for upscale clients can range from glamping to excursions to far off lands, with the expectation that the luxury travel agent will be able to provide it.

One way that a luxury travel agency can help these guests experience this type of luxury travel is on an expedition cruise. On these types of ships, travelers can be more active and get to areas bigger ships can’t due to their size. Whether seeing unique bird-life in the Galapagos, bears in Alaska or whales in the Gulf of California, an expedition cruise can offer up close off the boat experiences by kayak, hiking or by other active methods. The booking of an expedition cruise saves the valuable time of the luxury travel agent and client for looking for expeditions.

Other niche areas of luxury travel are popular as well in this market, and in all cases a luxury travel agent must keep in mind the growing desire by these guests of becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly in their travels. When a luxury travel agent listens and exceeds the needs of their clients, it creates a special trip of luxury for their client as well as priceless memories.

A luxury travel agency such as Travel N Relax must always be watching the changing trends and recognizing how to best meet the needs of these clients. In this way the luxury travel agent can truly provide an out of this world travel experience that really “Wows” the client. When a client is wowed, that leads to a satisfied client. We invite you to let us take care of all the travel details so that you can truly Travel N Relax! Give us a call today!

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