How We Protect Your Most Important Investment … YOU!

How We Protect Your Most Important Investment … YOU!

Travel Agents Denver In our last post we touched on the topic that Travel N Relax is not a Travel Agency that simply sells travel, but rather a Travel Advisor that prefers to engage with our Guests, to build a meaningful relationship with you that allows us to best service YOUR needs. Because that is such a unique concept to so many we wanted to expound on this a bit further. The truth is you can buy travel without us! You do not need a travel agent to purchase travel. Travel is available to you on the internet, in the newspaper, and direct from suppliers. We realize this, and as such our role is not to sell you travel! Rather, instead of just being another channel to sell you a commodity that you can purchase anywhere our role is to serve as an Advisor to help you sort through the 108,000,000 results that a Google search will pull up for a search on the word “Cruise” (or 127,000,000 results for “Tours”), etc.. Our purpose, just as we are doing here, is to help educate you so that you can make intelligent buying decisions that will result in bringing you the best value for your needs vs. getting stuck with the lowest price that really does not meet your needs and desires at all. (We will address this “Price” vs. “Value” component more in a future blog). As your travel advocate, instead of spending our time simply selling you travel products that you can find anywhere,  we work for you to point out the realities the mass sellers won’t tell you, and protect you from  such things as “illusory fees” which some airlines charge and “price fixing schemes” that some travel sellers participate in. The fact is it’s a rough world out there which is (from our perspective seeing hundreds of trade articles weekly) getting rougher.  Unless you have someone in your corner to truly watch out for your best interests, the likelihood is that sooner or later you’re going to get scammed – and may not even know it. Our goal is to keep you out of that situation and, through our affiliations with industry consortia and professional resources, keep you protected. To that end, while we do offer on our website just a very light sample of the type of travel products out there for you (out of the thousands available) our main thrust is to serve simply as your travel advisor to make sure that your purchasing what you think you are … and getting the absolute best travel value available. Harnessing the power of cutting edge technology and the Internet, and combining that with good old fashioned service and the highest levels of customer care with Travel N Relax you can be assured that we make remarkable, value packed, dream vacations a reality.

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