How to Stay Positive and Weather Wedding Complications

Posted on November 30, 2020 by Rob Hale

Weddings are miraculous, beautiful, and joyous days filled with family, friends, and love as you celebrate the union of two people to journey together throughout life. Weddings are also incredibly stress-filled days with months (if not years) of worry and anxiety leading up to the big day, which can really put a damper on the (supposed-to-be) happy couple’s mood and make for some tough times to overcome. Sometimes unforeseen events pop up; delays and postponements can happen; services and arrangements change or cancel — it’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

Fortunately, some issues that will arise are entirely within your control: you can always find a new caterer, venue, florist, and change the menu if someone has an allergy. Will it be stressful? Absolutely. But you can get through it easily enough.

A wedding planner can alleviate much of the stress, helping you plan all the details and make sure things go off without a hitch. But a good wedding planner isn’t cheap and not everyone can afford one. A close friend with good organizational skills can help reduce some of the stress of planning, but if their vision isn’t your vision, you could end up causing yourself more grief. Finding good, reliable vendors can also be the difference between wedding day bliss and aggravation. An experienced florist, for instance, has probably done scores if not hundreds of weddings, and could help you avoid some of the pitfalls they’ve seen plague other weddings (even in areas not directly related to flowers).

Unfortunately, some things may be out of your control, and you simply need to accept it. Maybe you can’t invite everyone you wanted because the venue can’t hold as many people as you wanted and you don’t have the budget for the next size up. Maybe you have to settle for a floral arrangement you don’t love. Maybe you only have so much time after the wedding to enjoy a shorter honeymoon. These things will bother you — that’s a fact. But regardless of what comes your way, whether you can solve it or not, you need to stay positive.

Staying positive, as crazy as it may sound, keeps things in perspective and keeps you focused on addressing issues you can fix and letting the ones you can’t go by. Why stress yourself out over things that you can’t control anymore? It’s truly just a waste. Focus on the important tasks at hand and remember that the wedding is a celebration. Once it’s over, you can begin your life together as a married couple and get away on your honeymoon.

Positive thinking has been shown to reduce overall stress, which can lead to better overall health. Stress takes a terrible toll on the body and mind (grey hairs, anyone?). While things may be tense and the plan will morph and evolve as time goes on, keeping a smile on your face may just help you weather all of the issues that pop up.

If your big day is coming up: breathe. It will all work out. You’re smart, you’re determined, and you’re going to enjoy the big day with your friends and family. If you’d like other stress-relieving strategies for your wedding, check out our blog about the benefits of a smaller wedding. Additionally, if you haven’t yet planned out your honeymoon, call our Denver travel agency office to speak with a representative. Like the experienced florists or wedding planners who have done myriad weddings, our experienced travel agents have planned hundreds of honeymoons and know how to make things run smoothly. We’ll go over the most popular honeymoon packages and destinations to find the one that’s right for you!

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