How to Create a Luxury Travel Experience

Posted on October 28, 2019 by Rob Hale

When putting together a true luxury travel experience, there are some key points that a luxury travel agent looks for to create the most bespoke travel experience for our guests.

Assuring that these points are being met for our affluent guests ensures that a luxury travel agency like Travel N Relax is truly serving our guests to the highest level.

As these points are so critical to the success of a luxury travel agency, it is important to look at each point in a bit more detail.

Let us take a deeper look point by point at these elements here and what each point means.

1. Guests want access, service and advocacy. They want access to the best experiences.

As a few examples a guest may wish to enjoy culinary tours, shopping, sports events and / or adventure activities. Often, they desire experiences that are hard to come by but that a luxury travel agent will have access to through the connections that have been made by their luxury travel agency.

2. Upscale clients desire a more in depth degree of customization and distinctive experiences.

Here examples may be walking through a museum with a curator before or after hours, attending mass with the Pope or experiencing a private cooking class with a Michelin-star chef. Again, for the average traveler, these experiences would be out of reach. However, for a luxury travel agent, putting together these types of arrangements is a normal day to day task which a luxury travel agency can arrange with ease.

3. Affluent travelers desire experience-based travel that achieves deeper connection by truly immersing themselves in the destination.

In order to achieve this, clients are willing to stay longer in one location to truly immerse themselves in the destination. Rather than simply “visit” a destination and see the main sights, guests desire to really experience local life and engage in it.

Examples of this would be going to a farm market, dining and / or touring with local families. Or going to learn about a language, a culture or indigenous people. Again, all easy arrangements for a true luxury travel agent to make.

4. Wealthy guests desire to experience cultural connections and truly experience local life.

While this has been touched on above, some examples of this would be arranging stays in unconventional accommodations, exclusive visits to places like the Vatican after they have closed or special intimate suppers with famous community leaders.

Whatever the client’s budget and expectations desire, it is up to a luxury travel agency like Travel N Relax, and the luxury travel agent working with the client, to make their dreams come true and make reality match the expectations they have.

Indeed, a luxury travel agents’ goal is to find ways to wow the client and take care of every detail of their trip so that they can truly Travel N Relax! Give us a call and enjoy a true luxury travel experience yourself!

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