How NOT To Lose Your Laptop or Tablet at The TSA

How NOT To Lose Your Laptop or Tablet at The TSA

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  A recent post by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) noted that laptops and tablets are one of the main items left behind in the security area. In their rush to get out of the X-Ray area and onto their flights these items are often left behind. STEPS TO TAKE NOT TO FORGET YOUR LAPTOP OR TABLET Some key steps the TSA provides to NOT forget your laptop or tablet are … Don’t Stack Your Bins – Many travelers stack their bins as they regather all of their belongings. Since the laptop and tablet are both flat, many stack their second bin on top of the laptop bin. This puts the laptop or tablet out of sight and makes it easy to forget. Pull your laptop or tablet out first or simply don’t stack the bins. Add a Business Card or Label – Taking the simple step of taping a business card or a label with your name and contact info on or inside of your laptop or tablet helps the TSA in several ways: •    It gives them a name to page. •    It gives them a phone number so we can try to contact you. •    It lets them know which laptop or tablet is yours when you call to retrieve it. If you do forget your laptop or tablet, your best step is to contact the TSA Lost and Found office at the individual airport. They will be able to help you reconnect with it in the easiest possible way.

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