Fargo Floods And California Earthquakes

Fargo Floods And California Earthquakes

Like many, I have been following the media’s news stories this past week about the flooding in Fargo, North Dakota and the swarm of earthquakes that has been happening around the Salton Sea in Southern California. While these two stories originally appear unrelated, I have come to consider this past week how, through the act of travel, these stories actually have much in common. Last summer, I was in North Dakota on holiday, in Fargo in particular, and just last week I was in Southern California at the Salton Sea. Because of these visits, these two news stories have now come “alive” for me. By having visited these places, I now have a much deeper understanding of both the area, and the residents who live in these locations, and can therefore appreciate these stories, and the concerns they bring, much more then if I had never been. By having been to these locales, I now have a real life image in my mind of the places these events are truly impacting. Travel really does connect us as a people, and provides us with the ability to better understand and appreciate the impacts that affect our fellow world citizens. Through travel, we truly can become more actively involved in the world’s news stories that evolve daily. Travel really is much more then just an opportunity to escape and receive necessary recharging, rest and relaxation. It also provides a way for us to truly better connect, and understand our world and the news stories that evolve in it. I encourage and invite you to better connect with the world you live in and experience a new destination today!

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on Mar 29, 2009

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