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Costa Rica Regional Tour

Discover our latest regional tour of San Jose and the Central Valley and Highlands of Costa Rica! The Central Valley and Highlands of Costa Rica combine to form one of the foremost diverse regions of the country. The valley is also home to the capital city, San Jose.

During this virtual tour, our Costa Rica guides show us the highlights of this area from the magnificent markets and museums of San Jose to the coffee plantations and volcanos of the central valley! You’ll discover amazing artistic creations from oxcarts to hand items, and explore some hidden off the path sights.

The Central Highland areas which surround the valley are often described as off the beaten path eco-tourist paradises. These hills and mountains are covered with rain and cloud forests, volcanoes, coffee plantations, and little farming villages.

From whitewater rafting, hiking, and canyoning to emerald green rain and cloud forest-covered mountains, this area offers some spectacularly beautiful attractions and many prime areas to view a wide species of tropical birds and wildlife!


Geographic dimensions:

The Central Valley is usually considered as the area from the town of San Ramón in Alajuela in the west, to the town of Paraíso in Cartago in the east. The mountains north of the valley are a part of the Central Range.

There are four main volcanoes north of the valley, namely Poás, Barva, Irazú, and Turrialba. The mountains that surround the plateau to the south form a part of the Talamanca Range. A smaller range, the Carpinteria Hills, which runs from north to south roughly along the border between the provinces of San José and Cartago, divides the valley into two sections.

The western section is generally mentioned as the “Western Valley” or “Central Valley” proper and therefore the eastern section is mentioned as the Eastern Valley or “Valle del Guarco”.

This smaller range also impacts the weather and ecosystems of the 2 subregions, with the Western Valley significantly influenced by the weather patterns of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast and the Eastern Valley influenced by the Caribbean coast weather.

If you love nature, outdoor activities, and scenery combined with big-city adventures this will be a tour you won’t want to miss!