Ethiopia Africa?! How Does THAT Relate to what Travel N Relax Sells?!

Ethiopia Africa?! How Does THAT Relate to what Travel N Relax Sells?!

Since introducing  our new relationship with our new sister company, A Fabulous Ethiopia Tour and Travel, many have questioned us on how Ethiopia travel has anything to do with the historical niche areas that Travel N Relax has built its business and reputation on – Disney, Family travel and Sports Vacations? They just cannot see the relationship between Ethiopia and these other areas which we have historically serviced. Truthfully at first, neither could we.  Then we did our research and frankly were amazed at the discovery we made. Did you know that Walt Disney had a love for this area of East Africa?! It’s true! In 1955 Walt’s first International True Life Adventure film – The African Lion – was released to international acclaim and is heralded by most as the best film of the True-Life Adventures series! Filmed in the famous high plateaus of Kenya this movie gave many their first “view” of magical East Africa! Walt was so enamored with the region that in the same year Disneyland opened… and one of its “Themed” lands was Adventureland. In Walt’s words, “To create this land we pictured ourselves far from civilization, in the remote jungles of Asia and Africa.” Disneyland’s Adventureland was originally envisioned as a True-Life Adventure Film brought to life, and was to be based on Walt’s famous award winning nature documentaries on Africa and Asia. The land was originally supposed to have real animals from Africa to inhabit a jungle river (today’s Jungle Cruise attraction), but after zoologists told Walt the real animals would lie around or hide, the imagineers built mechanical animals instead. Building on Disney’s attraction for Africa, when Walt Disney World’s Epcot opened in 1982, there was to be the much-heralded Africa pavilion, which was to be located between Germany and China. “Equatorial Africa” was actually the farthest along in the planning of all of the pavilions which were going to be built in World Showcase (but which never came to be). There were concept drawings, models, and extensive “behind-the-scenes” work which was already underway when the project was scrapped due to financial, political and sponsorship difficulties. However, all was not lost for an Africa representation at Disney, and in 1998 Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park opened with one of its main theme lands being….You guessed it, Africa! East Africa specifically! Indeed, going back to the 1955 roots Kilimanjaro Safaris, an attraction which takes guests on a South Kenyan Safari adventure, is the lands main attraction! Animal Kingdom Lodge (built 2001) also has named many of its features after locations that can be found in this region of Africa. Many restaurants in both the park and Lodge serve Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine. Of course The Lion King – the highest grossing traditionally animated film in history- and its Broadway edition – as well as the 2011 Disneynature release of African Cats are also hints at the love that Walt, and the Walt Disney Co. hold for Africa,! As you can now see, any true Disney Fan would want to include East Africa –with the Ethiopia and Kenya areas in particular – on their Bucket List of “must see” places to visit! Indeed a visit to this area will offer Disney insights that many do not even realize exist! As you might imagine, if Disney sees potential in this part of the world, families also can rest assured that there is plenty to see and do for those travelling with children to this corner of the globe. Indeed, Ethiopia offers amazing natural sights that will please both your children, and you! From the highlands of the Simien mountains to the salt plain in Ertale (at 380 feet below sea level) to the Blue Nile Falls Ethiopia offers a wide view of natural offerings. Additionally there is, of course the remarkable wildlife viewing that only this part of the world can offer! Ethiopia, as an example, offers unique wildlife viewing experiences which will certainly make a “zoo” look boring and dull by comparison! Educationally, Ethiopia also offers exceptional historic and natural sights and museums that will better educate your children then any classroom could ever hope to do! Here you can tour the historic medieval castles of Gonder, visit with Lucy at the National Museum of Ethiopia and lean of human evolution, uncover the secrets of the Axumite giant granite obelisks or enjoy any of the other numerous cultural/historical experiences that are available to you here! Also, given today’s “world environment” smart parents easily understand the importance of introducing their children to other world cultures so that their children can become better global citizens who can then excel in this world. Ethiopians are friendly and relaxed people and will offer you a great introduction to a new culture that you cannot experience here in North America. Your children will return home better prepared and more advanced than their peers, providing them with greater leadership opportunities that others (who have not been to this corner of the globe) will never be able to attain! Finally in relation to the area of sports, were you aware that East Africans are remarkable athletes with a passion for fitness! In Ethiopia athletics abound. Running is popular with the Great Ethiopian Run being Africa’s biggest road race, and attracting elite athletes from around the world! Golf, while not high on the Ethiopian sports scene yet, is becoming more popular and can currently be played on a 9 hole course at the Addis Ababa Golf Club. Ethiopian Football (aka Soccer) is also popular as is tennis and rugby. Cycling and hiking is also available to those who wish to be active. Uniquely, motor sports can also be found in Ethiopia with the Ethiopian Motor Sport Association having just held their 2nd Addis Ababa City Circuit completion this past spring. As you can now see, Ethiopia offers a true treasure trove of vacation options that fits perfectly into what Travel N Relax has always offered – Disney, Sports and Family vacations! With our new connection with A Fabulous Ethiopia Tour and Travel we are now only expanding upon what we have always offered… Hassle free travel to exceptional destinations that will allow you to create an amazing travel story, with YOU as the star! We hope you will allow us to host you in magnificent East Africa! —————————————————————– Portions of this post have been reprinted from our Travel N Relax Facebook blog post… WHY Does Travel N Relax now sell tours to Ethiopia…and Kenya? Published August 15, 2010

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