Disneyland Death Count Remains At 999

Disneyland Death Count Remains At 999

This posting is to serve as a conclusion to our earlier Blogs regarding the Sutton family overnight at the Disneyland Haunted Mansion August 9, 2009 (As part of the Mansions 40th Anniversary celebration). Travel N Relax is very pleased to report that all four members of the Sutton Family survived their sleepover in the mansion, and the Disneyland Death count remains at 999 Happy Haunts. Streaming video recording of the night (from radio sponsor 95.5 KLOS) does show that the family was visited by multiple ghosts and other curious undead during the Sutton Family Sleepover. Watching the video one can see that the Hitchhiking Ghosts were so excited by the Sutton family visit that they performed a musical number for the family Hitchhiking Ghosts sing to the Suttons ! In addition to the ghosts, tarantulas and other mansion ‘residents’ made their appearance as the family tried to sleep in the mansions famous “stretching room.” Although the Sutton’s did survive the evening, they were presented with keys to the mansion so that they may freely come back after they die to reside in the house. Each was also presented with a customized framed death certificate and they received a family tombstone which will be shipped to their Southern California home! It is reported that the Sutton’s are all completely healthy and resting peacefully in their own beds with great memories of this Spooktacular evening!

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