Disney Tops in Cruise Ratings

Disney Tops in Cruise Ratings

Aurora Travel Agencies   Perhaps not surprising, but J.D. Power and Associates has released its first-ever customer satisfaction survey of the cruise industry and Disney Cruise Line has come out on top. Founded in April 1968 by J.D. “Dave” Power III the company began, with his wife Julie, from his kitchen table with a primary focus in the automotive industry. Since that time the company has expanded into nine other industries including travel, and has successfully influenced the everyday lives of consumers and industries worldwide. HOW RANKINGS ARE DETERMINED The cruise rankings are based on six criteria including: Embark / Debark – How guests rate this process of the cruise experience Food – How guests rate the food quality and the dining venues Entertainment – How guests rate the quality of entertainment and organized cruise staff activities Cost – How guests rate the cost and fees in relation to their cruise Service – How guests rate the service provided before, during and after their cruise Excursions – How guests rate the overall excursion experience These six elements are then combined to come up with an “Overall Satisfaction” total which shows the guests general satisfaction with the cruise and cruise line. In each of these areas Power Circle ratings are issued which range from 5 (“Among the Best”) to 2 (“The Rest”) circles. As a point of reference, 3 circles is considered “About Average.” THE RESULTS In this case Disney scored well ahead of the pack with a perfect score of 5 Power Circles in all 7 of the rating areas. Following Disney in the number two spot was Royal Caribbean followed by Holland America Line, Celebrity and Princess Cruises. This report not only confirms Disney’s top spot but also shows that despite a lot of negative news affecting customer perceptions, expectations and trust, many lines are still providing very high levels of passenger satisfaction.

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