Caring for our world is critical to ensure continued quality travel experiences. To that end, Travel N Relax is fully committed to following sustainable practices to keep our world green.

March 23, 2014

Dear Travelers,

Over the past 10 years, Travel N Relax has provided our clients with highly personalized vacations that allow our Guests to escape the hassles that accompany booking a vacation, and to truly just “Travel N Relax.”

Our focus and expertise on Disney and family travel, cruises and sports travel exudes the principle of traveling and relaxing. While competing travel companies are concerned about rushing their clients through the planning process by hiding behind websites that offer no customization or personalization options, Travel N Relax is always looking to find new and better ways to interact with travelers and to offer them professional travel support to achieve a cost effective and highly memorable vacation. Our main goal is to provide the best advocacy between vacationers like yourself and the hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, and resorts that will service you best.

Lately, we have come to notice that more and more travelers are searching, and asking for, ways to reduce their impact on the environment both in their personal lives, and when they travel. Travel N Relax sees a fantastic opportunity in the travel industry to make a huge impact on our natural environments by considering the principles of energy efficiency and sustainability in every facet of travel. In all areas, from hotels and resorts, to cruise lines and airlines, to restaurants and rental cars, being green can reduce our impact on the planet in extraordinary ways!

In this sustainability report, we have set out to show in greater detail how Travel N Relax is approaching issues of energy and the environment and how, by providing options for “green” travel we are working to increase awareness and generate momentum behind the movement toward a more efficient and sustainable world.

Travel N Relax understands, and believes, that the world we live in is a fragile place that deserves our protection so that travelers can continue to enjoy the environments they visit. For this reason, our company is making concerted efforts to embed environmental stewardship into the decisions and actions of our Team Members and Guests through a series of programs and policies, grounded in science and leveraging our best talents and abilities.

To better educate myself on environmental issues within the travel industry, I recently wrote and submitted a White paper about greening the travel industry for which I was awarded the Certified Travel Counselor designation. My desire, as Company owner, is to instill into all of our company team members the important environmental beliefs which my studies have uncovered and to allow Travel N Relax to become an environmental leader within the travel industry.

To achieve this, Travel N Relax has hired a green consultant who is training our Travel N Relax team members to understand what it is to be green, why it is so important to actively live the principles of being green, and to actively practice these green principles in all facets of the company. Our consultant is also taking a leadership role in transforming our offices into a 100% green and sustainable environment.

With our consultants help Travel N Relax now has the following green principles currently in place:

  1. Using chlorine free recycled paper and going paperless when possible.
  2. Recycling paper, plastic, glass, and electronics used by Travel N Relax.
  3. Connecting travelers with airlines, cruises, and resorts that have a prior history of environmental stewardship.
  4. Switching out incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) in the Travel N Relax office.
  5. Certified Travel Counselor white paper titled “The Greening of the Travel Industry”
  6. Travel N Relax is an active member of the Renewable Energy Task Force with the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to the above practices, Travel N Relax has also set out a plan to continue making sure that travelers are given the best representation when booking their vacation dreams by listing several short term and long term goals. These goals serve as a basic foundation of the green principles being implemented by our Company so as to provide the best value for anyone who needs a vacation.

Our short term goals include:

  1. Completing and attaining the American Society of Travel Agents Green Certification
  2. A reduction in office electrical usage equal to 30% from 2008 usage.
  3. Remaining actively involved in the local green community by attending 1 green event per week. Events include networking events, socials, classes, seminars, and fundraisers that have a common green theme.
  4. An increase in market share by 2 clients a month who request greener travel options.

Our long term goals include:

  1. To form a Travel N Relax Green Team to better handle energy, environmental, and green marketing issues inside the company and to serve as ambassadors of Travel N Relax to travel suppliers and clients.
  2. Offer affordable carbon offsets for travelers
  3. To fully establish a green travel training program for all employees of Travel N Relax and its contractors.
  4. To move our offices into a commercial building that has achieved at least LEED Certified credentials.

At Travel N Relax we realize that being “green” in the travel industry is not a new concept. There have been many leaders over the years in the travel and tourism industry that have inspired us to also take a leading role in the movement towards change.

Our natural ecosystems and environments are what travelers seek when they vacation – they want to escape their daily routines and enjoy another part of our planet. Yet as issues such as over population, pollution and land degradation continue to worsen, those vacation getaways become threatened with extinction. For those who wish to stand up for a healthier, greener planet, Travel N Relax has heard the call and provides travelers with greener more sustainable travel options. Over the next 5 to 10 years, many old and inefficient paradigms will be shattered to allow travelers to breathe fresher, cleaner air into their lungs and make them feel good about reducing their impact on the environment while fulfilling their vacation dreams.

We look forward to continuing to providing you with the highly personalized vacations Travel N Relax has always offered, yet now also guiding you to a greener vacation where you can not only relax, but know that the world is better off because of your travel choices!


Rob Hale, CTC
President & Owner – Travel N Relax, Inc.

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