Can A Cruise Line Be Green?

Can A Cruise Line Be Green?

I am often asked… How can a major Cruise Line be “Green?” Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) has just made available its 2008 Stewardship Report, which highlights the company’s environmental efforts, detailing its strategy in the areas of energy and air emissions, water and wastewater, waste and chemical management, community involvement and conservation, destinations and education. The report also reviews how the Above and Beyond Compliance philosophy also influences all areas of the company, including safety and security, Guest Care and medical and public health. Highlights in the report include an overview of the company’s 40 year history of environmental activities, which was formalized with the creation of the Save The Waves program. Since its beginnings in 1992, the Save The Waves program has evolved from a program focused on reducing, reusing and recycling waste, to a companywide philosophy that is integrated into the daily operations onboard all RCCL ships. This includes environmental officers onboard each ship, a waste management program that completely addresses each waste stream, environmental training for every crew member and land-based employee, and the creation of the Environmental Stewardship department. This report outlines, MUCH better then I ever could the MANY steps RCCL has taken to “Become Green.” The report can be found at… RCCL 2008 Environmental Stewardship Report In addition to the program highlights found on the RCCL site, those who wish to explore this topic in more depth will find a link ON the Environmental Report site to the Full Report which offers 53 pages of detailed information on the environmental steps RCCL is taking to preserve our environment. Can a Cruise Line be “Green?” I beleive this proves the answer is a solid yes!

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