Properly Using a Plane's Facilities

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Air travel is often a means of transportation that can cause stress and discomfort. Let’s face it, sitting in a cramped seat at 30,000 feet for prolonged periods with limited options to stretch may get you to your destination in a speedy manner but the trip itself may be challenging.

No worse challenge exists then needing to use the lavatory at 30,000 feet up. As if the pleasure of going to a tight, compact room without windows is not a joyful enough thought, figuring out when to go can make it even more complicated.

In accordance with airline research, your best chance to use the restroom is before the beverage cart is rolled out and following the captain’s switching off the safety-belt signal.

The reason for this timeframe is straightforward. Odds are slim that passengers will need to utilize the airplane's toilet since the flight has just lifted off. This grants you some solitude, without the stress of an individual standing externally also needing to use the potty. Ensure that you don't linger inside beyond 20 minutes or a crew member may tap the door to ensure your welfare.

Need to take a poop? If you're concerned over the odor, you need to be. With confined spaces, bad vents, and ineffective plumbing, the smell can leak out into the airplane fast.

To conquer this, simply take some coffee with you. The odor of the coffee is so powerful that it pushes all other odors, even icky toilet ones, away.

Finally, if you are in a center or window seat, the best plan is to discuss with the aisle seat passenger prior to takeoff if they are open to being awakened should you need to go enroute.

If they do mind, don’t hesitate to slip by trying not to disturb them. As you pass, continuously look forward and keep body touch minimal.

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