Littleton Downtown station

Light Rail and Commuter Rail tour

I really enjoyed our Light Rail and Commuter Rail tour today! We went from Aurora to downtown Denver to Lakewood to Littleton and back home all on the trains. Rob organized a great tour! Relaxing in the sunshine at the Littleton Station. This is also where Romancing the Bean coffee shop is. I enjoyed an […]

What you need to know about the lifted travel embargo to Cuba

It seems like about 15 minutes after the travel embargo to Cuba was lifted in January of 2015, I started hearing about people jetting off to this beautiful island. Soon I was seeing photos pop up everywhere in my social media feeds — those iconic streets with old cars, the gorgeous lamp-lit city squares, views […]

Stuff Day

The Most Popular Old Stuff Day Aurora

Just take some time to recognize what you do every day. You name this, and there’s probably a particular day for it. Instead, National aged Stuff Day is about taking a little time to recognize exactly the same old stuff you do daily, and think about just how it is possible to break aged routines. […]

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The One Thing to Do for Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for ideas of what to do for your love, we are here to provide a few. One idea is to cook a memorable meal for your love. Look up recipe ideas online and purchase the ingredients a week before, or a day or two beforehand, so you are prepared. You may […]

Brandenburg Gate travelnrelax

The famous tourist destination Berlin

Berlin is known for many unique architecture, impressive so there’s no excuse for you not to come here to explore the tourist destinations most famous Berlin. Reichstag When traveling to Berlin, visitors should not overlook the most unique structures Berlin, the Reichstag government building which housed the important departments of Germany. Here visitors not only […]

The reason you should travel in Thailand

The reason you should travel in Thailand

1. Cuisine street Guests can enjoy spicy soup tom yum in many sidewalk stalls. Salespeople agile processing, use fresh lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal root to make a sauce for spicy but tasty dishes. A street food other equally attractive is the fried rice with crab and fresh yellow peppers. To the Chatuchak […]

7 things you should learn from the French

7 things you should learn from the French

See all the banquet meal, take the time to relax, work less, invest smart in fashion, what is this place … good habits of the French. France is one of the countries most visited tourist world. This country is known for cheese, wine, beret and romance. In addition, the French culture delicious treat, keep fit […]

Top – Rated tourist attractions in Japan from Aurora

Top – Rated tourist attractions in Japan from Aurora

If you are seeking somewhere to go on holiday, let’s visit a gorgeous island country to experience new exotic adventures. Dubbed “ land of rising sun” and “ land of cherry blossom”, Japan is commonly considered to be one of the breathtakingly beautiful island countries in the world. Located in East Asea, it covers an […]

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