Amazing Adventures in Los Cabos

Amazing Adventures in Los Cabos

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Los Cabos Mexico (aka Cabo) has always been known as a relaxing resort playground on the Pacific! LOS CABOS OVERVIEW Located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, Cabo is renowned for its sport fishing, golf courses, nightclubs and whale watching. It’s also known as a great spot to take off on a desert Hummer or ATV tour across the desert landscapes of the peninsula! Perfect for wedding travel, honeymoons or any celebration vacation event, Cabo offers a close tropical destination to rest and relax in. For this reason, those seeking a spa vacation package or a fitness spa vacation have also always found Cabo to their liking due to the many activities Cabo provides from restful to active. What is not so well known about Los Cabos however, are the more extreme activities available to the visitor. JET PACK OVER CABO One such example of this, is the opportunity to jet pack over Cabo! If you have always dreamed of flying like a bird in outdoor flight, this experience is for you! You’ll truly experience a new high as you fly high above the Bahia San Lucus leaving behind the cares of the world below you! Just like James Bond, adventure seekers will find this to be the perfect experience as you learn to take off, fly, turn, flip and land in your own private jet pack! Utilizing R200 Jetlev technology you’ll experience a combination of security, stability and accuracy as you fly up to 30 feet above the water! Those afraid that they will take off airborne and not be able to return to terra firma, can take comfort in knowing that the jet pack connecting hose not only provides power for your flight but also limits your altitude and puts you in remote control access of your certified ground operators who will, at all times, have full control over your jet pack if needed. At all times you will also have one way communications access to your certified instructors via the speakers in your helmet! OTHER CABO ACTIVITIES After you have come back to earth, perhaps you would like to continue your adventure by hang-gliding over Cabo, or diving deep beneath the sea in a submersible submarine. These and many other active adventures are waiting to welcome you in beautiful Los Cabos on your next Mexico vacation! Whatever your desire, know that Travel N Relax is your Las Cabos professional and can help you arrange your perfect Cabo vacation from jet packing over the bay to relaxing in a restful spa. Give us a call to start planning your Los Cabos getaway today!

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