A Perfect Roadtrip

A Perfect Roadtrip

“The car represents freedom, mobility and the control you feel over your destiny/destination,” Callie Khouri, screenwriter of Thelma & Louise. For many vacation travelers, nothing beats the romance, discovery and convenience of the road trip. While flying will save you time and an opportunity to earn airline miles, With the continued accumulation of ancillary airline fees, tighter seat configurations, baggage restrictions and airport security delays the road trip just makes sense for many. Some advantages to road tripping include: You can leave on your schedule, pack as much as you want and you can stop and stretch anytime. In addition, in today’s stress filled world where everyone is consumed by their own distractions, a road trip can be the perfect thing to bring a family together. Generally if you are traveling 600 miles or less, from an economical standpoint, it is probably more cost effective to drive. Given this, another advantage to road tripping can be cost savings! These facts may help explain why road trippers make up 85% of leisure travelers and spend $170 billion annually during their journeys. Further, of this 85% populace, 78% said they would drive even if other forms of transportation were available to them (as reported by Project 85, a recent study by Mandala Research and Solutionz). What often is not as well known however, is that even with apparently simple road trips a qualified travel professional can be extremely helpful. Why? Because these travel professionals, like Travel N Relax, often have access to consolidated rates on both hotels and car rentals that can save the traveler money. Further, these professionals will have current up-to-date knowledge of the hotels along the way – from EconoLodges to Four Seasons – that can best fit your personality, desired overnight location and budget. With this advice and information, going on the road for a relaxing vacation will be even easier and more rewarding for you. You will be able to head off peacefully knowing that your departing in the perfect rental car and have been booked at hotels that match your desires and pocketbook! While these are just a few of the insights available on road trips we realize you might have others. If so, we would love to hear from you! Your thoughts and comments are always welcome!

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