7 things you should learn from the French

7 things you should learn from the French

See all the banquet meal, take the time to relax, work less, invest smart in fashion, what is this place … good habits of the French.

  1. France is one of the countries most visited tourist world. This country is known for cheese, wine, beret and romance. In addition, the French culture delicious treat, keep fit and relax is an indispensable part of life. Here are things to learn from their way of life.
  2. View all meals are banquet: The French cuisine regarded as art. The meal can last for hours with many dishes. They usually eat when I have time to enjoy rather than rush order a take away. Even the desserts are also sip a respectfully.
  3. Take time to recharge and indulge yourself: Visitors can be surprised to find many restaurant is closed on Sundays. A law has banned 100 years ago opened stores to sell on Sundays. By early 2015, the law was relaxed in the city center and supermarkets. Labor Federation and professionals lobbying Catholics still want to maintain a weekly day of rest, it seems a bit outdated in the modern world. However, they do so because of time off will help people relax and work more efficiently.
  4. Work less: Many people have the habit of continuous work for long periods without a break. The traveling, even just a few days off work, not only good for health but also help increase productivity. French citizens have more paid holidays than any other country. On average, each person is allowed to stay for 30 days each year. Many people would stay a month longer Paris to travel or relax.
  5. Smart investments in Fashion: Women typically French style and modern simplicity, with items plain patterns or basic motifs (such as striped motifs) with nearly every figure. They invest in the outfit can be worn for years, instead of trendy and cabinets piled dishes can not even be next year. They also like to flats over heels, legs better for the long term.
  6. Attaches great importance to family life: The French regarded the enjoyment is part of life. One survey found that French women are increasingly powerful and more confident in the life room. At the same time, 90% of women over 50 years old still have sex activities, higher than many other countries.
  7. Strictly speaking and enough: The famous French frank and lengthy. They simply say exactly what they think. This way of life will sometimes make you feel easier. French outspoken, honest, help-depth conversation, little more small talk.
  8. Focus on passion: The French live every day with the joy of life and focus on what is important to yourself. They always find a way to turn everyday events – even just to enjoy a cup of cappuccino – into something meaningful. During the conversation, they like to talk about dreams and passion for life, what we should do more often.
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