Family Travel Ideas That Will Make You Thankful

At this time of the year we as a country pause to reflect and give thanks for the positives we have in our lives.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving or any other similar holiday, the idea of cooking and doing dishes for a crowd may not excite you. If that’s the case perhaps it’s time to switch things up and replace your Turkey Day feast with a relaxing family vacation where you and your loved ones can bond and have fun!

Travel N Relax’s certified family travel agents have the perfect ideas to guarantee a getaway that will allow your family to bond as you create new memories and new traditions.

Whether you opt to enjoy a family vacation at the beach, or take a family trip closer to home, our professional family travel advisors have the perfect family holiday idea for you. Best of all these trip ideas can be enjoyed year round! So don’t be concerned, it’s not too late to round up your family and head out on a relaxing and enjoyable family travel adventure!


Enjoy a Tropical Family Beach Vacation

As the early winter chill begins to set in, for many families there is no greater thought than to head out on a family beach vacation to somewhere warm and tropical. Thankfully there are many tropical family travel locations that are accessible, that can provide a fun and relaxing family vacation for you.


Many non-stop flights are available from Denver that make it easy to reach your family beach vacation quickly and reach great family resorts like the Generations Resort which offers family friendly all suite, all ocean-front accommodations. Combine this type of lodging with great family vacation options ranging from historical sights to theme park type areas and you have an exceptional family travel destination.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is another easy to access family travel destination that offers a wide selection of family friendly accommodations from Nickelodeon Resorts to Beaches Resorts depending on where in the Caribbean you are travelling to. Like Mexico, the Caribbean offers some great family activities to make this area of our world another great family vacation destination.

Of course there are multiple other tropical family beach vacation destinations that can be explored. The professional family travel agents at Travel N Relax can make recommendations based on your unique desires and interests.


Relax at a Family Vacation Dude Ranch or Family Ski Resort

If the mountains are more your family travel style Travel N Relax’s family travel advisors can make some solid suggestions both locally and nearby. Colorado and it’s surrounding mountain region states offer some fantastic family vacation destinations ranging from authentic dude ranches to some of the top ski resorts in the world. For families that love the outdoors in a snow kissed environment nothing beats a great family ski vacation or a true Western Dude Ranch experience.


Other Family Travel Ideas

While there are of course many other family travel ideas ranging from remarkable Disney family holidays, to international family vacations in Europe, Asia or Australia or just a Farm to Table family trip to Vermont this space does not allow all of your options to be explored. However, the world is waiting for you this Thanksgiving and beyond, and the family travel professionals at Travel N Relax can help you find your ideal family vacation spot.

Don’t you and your family deserve the very best family vacation of your dreams? With so many great family friendly destinations to explore in our world now is the time to create those memories that you will cherish forever. Give Travel N Relax a call at 303.317.6945 and allow your family to truly Travel N Relax as we take care of all the details!


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Who Should Not Use a Travel Advisor

In today’s world filled with 24/7 self-book options and hundreds of travel websites and apps, planning and booking your own vacation can quickly become overwhelming. It only takes a quick search on the internet to discover the value of a travel professional. Just looking at the search term “Disney vacation planning ideas,” for example, shows 27,600,000 results!  A family travel agent can help a guest sort through this overwhelming level of information to plan out the perfect trip.

Furthermore, with more travelers seeking out a fully customized, eco-friendly, unparalleled vacation that only true travel professionals can provide working with a travel agent is as essential to the trip organization process as ever.

However some individuals will not need the help of a travel expert for each individual trip, and some may never require the help at all. Who are these people and what do they look like?

Know It All Bob

Bob is the vacationer who lives on the internet and devours every piece of travel information that he can find. There are never enough travel articles, travel websites or destination and review sites to satisfy Bob. He is addicted to the Internet and is passionate about investigating every detail of his trip. If a luxury travel agent were to suggest an idea to Bob he would not trust the suggestion until he himself had researched and confirmed it.

Although the Internet can present anything it wants to present which may lead to dubious, incomplete and out of date information, the know it all expert has no problem with this. In Bob’s mind if the Internet has stated it it must be true. These are dedicated Do It Yourselfers and see no value in having a luxury travel agent take care of all the details of their trip. In their minds the best vacation is the one they plan themselves.

Deal Seeking Debbie

Debbie is the traveler who will look at every element of her trip and see an expense tag on every item. When planning her trip Debbie’s mind is in a constant state of going Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching with each element of the trip. This leads her to always be looking for ways to cut back and to find a better, cheaper deal. Debbie lives on the discount websites and is never satisfied to book until she has price compared on multiple booking sites. Debbie does not understand the difference between price vs. value so when the luxury travel agent talks to her about the best value, she cannot comprehend the discussion nor has any interest doing so.

To Debbie, the cheapest option is always the best. When booking it makes no difference to Debbie that the hotel is an hour outside of the city. Nor in her rush to get the absolute best price did she notice that the attraction tickets she thought were included were not. Nor did the hotel include breakfast or any meals.

Sadly for Debbie only after she arrives does she realize the better valued package the luxury travel agent could have provided – offering center city accommodations with breakfast, and exclusive tickets to the attractions she wanted would have been the better “deal,” as it would have actually saved her money and offered exclusive perks the luxury travel agency could have arranged.

Global George

George is the ardent traveler who is always out exploring new parts of the world and knows every inch of it. George travels so frequently that he considers himself a local in most areas and knows the destinations he likes to travel to better than a luxury travel agent might.

Laid Back Louise

Louise is an apathetic traveler who just rolls with the things that come to her and has no issues or concerns with anything their environment might bring. Her oceanfront room looks out at the parking lot? No worries. The mattress is old and bumpy and comes with rough torn sheets? That’s fine. The nightclub outside the room is blaring until 2am? Not a worry. Let’s party!

While some may find that these types of situations could ruin the whole trip, to Louise she could care less.  Her lenient style of travel planning allows for odd situations to happen and Louise is fine with that. Louise will be happy regardless, so the skills of a luxury travel agent are unneeded.

No Fuss Floyd

While Floyd shares some of the same tendency’s as Deal Seeking Debbie, he’s not quite as cheap. Nor is he as laid back as Louise. For Floyd he just doesn’t care about any travel enhancements or upgrades. VIP service bothers him and getting extra free amenities is a bother.

A luxury travel agent is all about going above and beyond and providing the extra services and amenities their  travel agency can provide. The supplier relationships they have formed and the business knowledge they have developed doesn’t matter to Floyd. He is content with just a no-frills, no-fuss prudent vacation. Floyd just won’t see the benefit of a luxury travel agent who would provide over the top elements and service he does not want.

Bob, Debbie, George, Louise and Floyd are examples of traveler types who would not be good fits to work with a luxury travel agency. Again, if you find you match with these five, that is perfectly OK.  Many people enjoy investigating, scheduling and reserving their own travel and that’s great!

However, should you be one who enjoys getting the extra perks that a luxury travel agent can provide, and having someone ensure that you are getting the absolute best value, services and amenities Travel N Relax would be happy to assist you. Give us a call to make your trip exceptional and to take care of all the details so you can truly Travel N Relax!


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What is a Travel Advisor and What is Their Value?

At Travel N Relax, since our team members are known as “Travel Advisors,” we are often asked what the difference is between a “Travel Agent” and a “Travel Advisor.” Our guests often ask us, are there any benefits of working with a travel advisor, and if so, what are those advantages?  

While both the travel advisor and travel agent certainly sell travel, there are some distinct differences that one needs to be aware of when choosing whom you will work with. Depending on the level of service and care you desire, knowing the difference between these titles will make a huge difference when it comes to the quality of the trip planning experience you seek. 

First, most work connections with travel agents will tend to be transactional. In these types of relationships, the connection will be more like a fast food experience where the client simply provides an order off their menu board to the agent, who then quickly goes to work to fulfill the order as placed. Little, if any, time will be spent getting to know the client and instead the travel agents goal is to simply complete the order the customer has made.  

With a travel advisor on the other hand, the work connection will be much more relational. In this relationship the advisor actually has the client’s best interests in mind and truly wants to create an exceptional experience that will truly please the customer. Instead of just fulfilling an order for a customer or client, the advisor sees the consumer as a valued guest whom they have a deep desire to please.  

Because of this, the advisor’s desire is to create a deep long-lasting relationship with the guest and will ask probing questions to get to know the caller and learn about his /her needs, wants, interests and desires. Armed with this information, rather than just fulfilling an order that may, or may not be, an actual fit for the consumer the advisor can truly create an exceptional travel experience that will both satisfy and please the guest.  

The guest who opts to work with a travel advisor should be aware that this relationship will go beyond just a transactional travel arrangement.  

Rather, like any true relationship, the advisor will also continue a conversation with you in between your trips and will discuss travel plans that you may have on your bucket list 2-3 years down the road. This way they can become proactive in helping you plan your travel vs. creating potential added stress that could come from an otherwise forgotten travel plan that you forgot to book until the last minute.  

When travelling, the travel advisor will always be travelling with their guests interests in mind and will be doing destination research for different guests. Don’t be surprised in this relationship if you get a room picture of a resort that might wow you or a menu photo of a restaurant that would please you. Unlike the transactional travel agent, the travel advisor is always thinking of you and your best interests and how to always please you…. Even in between your trips.  

Understanding this relational element of working with a travel advisor such as the team members at Travel N Relax, it becomes understandable that most travel advisors work with guests who are looking for deeper comprehensive travel planning and guidance.  

As such, if you are looking simply for a quick “in and out” travel planning experience where no questions are asked, and you just desire to have a person fulfill your travel order requirements, a travel advisor would not be the right fit for you. In that case you would want to be working with a travel agent who is strictly transactional and may not have your best interests in mind.  

Additionally, whereas as a travel agent will work with clients on just the one travel booking being planned, a travel advisor will manage the full travel portfolio for their guests.  

Taking the time to learn your bucket list travel desires they will work with you to develop long term travel plans that will match your budget and follow your family’s needs as your kids grow older. The best way to understand this is that when you hire a travel advisor you are also hiring a lifestyle management expert for travel. This is obviously quite different than the “one and done” trip booking style of a travel agent.  

As your lifestyle management travel expert, the mission of your Travel N Relax travel advisor is to fully discover your wants, needs and desires and then with that information fully customize each travel itinerary to provide you with the most amazing, elusive destinations on the planet, and curate fully custom-made experiences that you and your travel companions will cherish for a lifetime.  

Thanks to the long established relationships and connections that Travel N Relax has with the world’s best hotels, restaurants and travel experiences you will enjoy a bevy of benefits, including the best possible rates, potential room upgrades, access to difficult to find reservations and a customized itinerary of the finest things to see and do that are all based upon your deepest wishes and desires.  

From booking flights and private aviation, to arranging ground transfers, to securing highly sought-after reservations at the world’s best hotels, villas, beach resorts, spas, alpine lodges, restaurants, sporting events, shows and attractions Travel N Relax’s travel advisors will manage every aspect of your travel experience. 

As you can see, when you work with a travel advisor you get much more than just a travel agent who is only interested in filling your single travel order. With a Travel N Relax travel advisor you are hiring someone who truly cares about you and wants to go the extra mile to make all your travels truly extraordinary.  

Creating fully customized trips that perfectly match your needs, wishes and desires is why the travel advisor is hired. With their vast level of experience combined with their creativity, worldwide connections and true care for you, their valued travel guest, working with a professional travel advisor can bring great value to you.  

Experience the difference and value of working with a travel advisor today and give the professionals at Travel N Relax a call at 303.317.6945. Don’t you deserve to truly Travel N Relax as we take care of all the details? Give us a call and let us help you to truly Travel N Relax! 

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