11 Year Old Flies to Italy While Mother Busy Shopping

11 Year Old Flies to Italy While Mother Busy Shopping

As a parent, would you be concerned if your 11 year old flew off to Italy without your knowledge? Apparently not for one mother too busy shopping to notice that her son had done just that! In a 3 part security snafu, an 11 year old ran away from his mother while they were shopping and then made his way to the airport two miles away. From there he slipped through security and flew off to Italy! Enroute, he was chatting away about “being off by himself,” and passengers alerted the cabin crew who then sent back him home on the return flight. You can read the fully story here. As I have been processing this story it seems that three things went wrong: 1)      There was no oversight by his mother, who was too busy shopping to realize he was even gone. 2)      Somehow he slipped through Airport security. 3)      Somehow he got past the Airline procedures to get onto the flight. Despite having no boarding pass at security, no boarding pass at the gate, no passport and no boarding pass stub once on the plane, airport workers failed to notice the boy was on his own. Even a headcount onboard the flight and five security checkpoints failed to catch him. The airport and airline have, understandably, launched a full-scale investigation into how the boy managed to evade so many checks and end up in Italy. At Travel N Relax, where we take extreme care to make sure that all of our Guests are properly documented for travel, we see this as a serious breach of airline procedures.  Do you view this story the same way? We would be curious as to your thoughts on this story and how you might react if you had been the parent and /or the security officials. Do you see other oversights or errors that might have been made? We would welcome your comments on this story as conversation on this continues.

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